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April's Special - The Fajita One!!!

April 2023 - Welcome to the newest member of the Monthly Specials Family, the waffle we shall simply call........The Fajita One!

This was sneakily taste tested by a few of you this weekend and it got SUCH good feedback (yes even with Vegan Ham instead of Beef!) that we can't keep it from you any longer!!

And who doesn't like Fajitas?! They're for everyone right!?

This beaut has a slight warmth in flavour but not 🔥 so is even great for those who don't like heat. Let's leave that for the Chilli Cheese Fiesta lovers shall we! But that's not to say there's no flavour.... in that beefy, salsa sauce you'll still find coriander seeds, oregano, cumin, paprika, garlic among many other spices and you can ask for extra heat if you'd like it.

So, that's our lunch sorted for EVERY. SINGLE. DAY in April......what about you?

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