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Colour Friday.... what is it?

So let's talk Black Friday.

Or if you're a small Indy like us, you may be doing Colour Friday!!!

You may soon see these bright posters popping up around Independent stores in the UK.

Well, we're super chuffed to say that

@hollytucker (founder of @notonthehighstreet and all round National Campaigner to save Independent businesses!) has picked us to be one of her 250 businesses across the UK to shout out about supporting local.

So, MAYBE this Black Friday instead of supporting the big, grey, faceless retailers who make every High Street look the same...... maybe you can support the small Indys that bring Colour and Variety to the High Street - hence the term #colourfriday

Some Indys may be able to offer great deals on Colour Friday but others may start offering something you can't get at any other time. Others are simply holding fast with the great prices they always offer.

But this is often the 'Make or Break' time of year for Independent retailers, so if there's an Independebt business you love why not share that love with someone else by buying something from them or if its a restaurant or cafe how about a Gift Voucher or Merch.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Social Media for Colour Friday details and look out for any posters reminding us that Plymothian Independent Businesses are what brings colour and variety to our High Street.

Thanks for reading and for your constant support!!

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