What do we do?

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Our Menu changes regularly and products are made fresh to order. We try to create a Seasonal Menu and even offer  Weekly and Monthly Specials so unfortunately some of the items below may not be available on your visit. However, for the most up to date information as to which Waffles are available now,  please see our Instagram or Facebook page 


However, here's some examples of what may be on offer when you visit. You can always drop us a message if you have a specific request though, we're happy to accomodate special requests if we have a little notice.

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Bubble Waffles

A Street Food all the way from Hong Kong, with our  special twist. A Sweet Waffle with a Vanilla, Custard flavour, with NO GLUTEN ADDED to any of our waffles. Each bubble is crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. You can chose your own toppings or pick one of our House Specials if you just can't decide. If you prefer to keep the toppings all Gluten Free too then we have lots of options for you, however please bear in mind we do have non gluten free ingredients on site so advise us if you need us to be extra careful with yours due to allergies and dietary requirements.

Gluten Free Vegan Bubble Waffles

These Waffles are soft on the inside with a crisp outer bubble, they have a beautiful cinnamon flavour. You will always have plenty of delicious GF Vegan toppings to chose from. 

We cook our Gluten Free Vegan Waffles in separate waffles machines to ensure there is no cross contamination. Although every attempt is made to reduce cross contamination especially in respect of allergies, please bear in mind we are a small stall so it is impossible to guarantee no cross contamination and please always advise us prior to ordering as to your particular allergy.

Savoury Bubble Waffle

A fantastic Savoury bubble waffle, cooked with Italian Herbs, it has a flavour of a pizza but with a lighter taste. They are seriously addicitive. You would never know that the waffle itself is Gluten Free and Vegan! Fill it with any toppings you like or chose one of our predesigned House Specials.


Always made with 3 Scoops of Ice Cream and only real Products not Sauces, you will find we make an absolutely gorgeous Milkshake. You can choose any flavour you like from all of our toppings and ice creams. How about, Coffee, Banana, Nutella, Strawberry, Millions, Bubblegum or maybe Biscoff or Kinder?

Hot Drinks

You will always be able to get a hot cup of Tea or Coffee from us, served either in a proper mug or recyclable cup if you wish to just grab and go. We always take time to chat to our customers, if you wish, and make it our aim to provide a good cup of tea or coffee at a very reasonable price. 

During the Winter Months we also have a beautiful, silky hot chocolate on offer. Thick like you have had on your travels in France or Spain. Perfect for dunking Waffles into!