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Colour Friday ....not Black Friday

SALE!!! Thats right, We love giving you guys something back so we don't object to Sales......its just that in the huge rush to buy Black Friday "Sales" the little shops generally get forgotten about. So the lovely Holly Tucker from Not on the High Street, created Colour Friday for all small independent stores across the UK to show we're different and deserve to stand out from those HUGE companies, so please consider us too when looking for deals this weekend.

So if you are a huge Kawaffle fan (or you know of one! Or maybe you're trying to convert someone to the joy of Pizza Waffles!!) we give you......

* Gift Vouchers - Get our £30 voucher for just £25. All other numbers you save 10% off the price (buy one to use as a gift to yourself if you wish!)

* Tshirts - Adults and kids only £8 (usually £12). They get 10% off all future Kawaffle purchases when wearing it. Limited sizes & Slogans left - lots of larger sizes available though!

* Mugs!! New designs but already very limited in number £6 (usually £8)

Everything we design ourselves (I say "we" but i mean Kieran!) and are printed locally by small print companies too. Keeping everything local.

We may also throw in the odd deal of 2 in terms of waffles! Keep your eyes on social media.

Colour Friday deals available Friday & Saturday of this week only!!

See you Friday at 9am for pancakes!

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