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Number 1 place to eat in Plymouth!!!

Oh. My. Days.

No.1 place to eat IN THE WHOLE OF PLYMOUTH!! That sounds insane, even to usbut yes our customers have rated us as Number 1 on Tripadvisor.

Yes we really love our food and love giving you the best possible service but there are amazing restaurants and cafes in this City. So, what an absolute honour!

We are also not blind to the algorithms on sites like Tripadvisor, they skew reviews as the more you have....the more likely it is that someone has a less than positive experience etc. Its also super sensitive, it can change quickly.

So in light of all that, we just had to screenshot the fact that at one time in our existence we were The Number 1 Place to Eat in Plymouth 😂

THANK YOU for reviewing us, sharing your experience of Kawaffle on review sites and social media! It really does help new people to find us which in turn keeps us open and in business. Which is pretty important to us.

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